Introducing the Happeversity
for converting upset moments

Happeversity is an inner-heaven principle that can balance our body and our mind. By enlarging our vision, we can narrow down negative emotions instead of making them disappear. If we believe that worries come from comparison, then let’s try to guide our mind away and be open-minded with cosmic heart. Happeversity uses a broader attitude to confront with changes around us rather than changes affect our mind and future.

"Feel the universe by non-human perspective." -- Maria Popova
"Transfer negative moods by broadened mind." -- Barbara Fredrickson
"Connect belief from memorable moments." -- Rubin, D. C.; Schrauf, R. W.; Greenberg, D. L.


You must have been discouraged or feel sad and your mental has affected you so that you can not do anything. Don't worry. It's normal. Most of time, we cannot get over something and we worry so much about the current difficulties. We often catch in worries.

But, have you ever thought, "Everything is just a 'little thing' in the entitled universe." It guides you to stop focusing on negative things, and try to feel good things around you. You will re-experience that
"Hope is everywhere."

Think with SIX principles


Hear the universe

Melody from music can induces the sympathetic response to listener’s body and mind. Especially people’s preferred music that contains context of the past can make them feel and immerse in the atmosphere of the universe.

Think with non-human

Eliminate worries by nonhuman-centered thinking

We know animals or plants have their own propositions and stories. They are good materials that don’t below human-based thinking for us. We can easily try to understand their intentions or desires in their life to get into the universe.


Discover the context of worries when be in the universe

Figure out where worries come from and why cannot open our mind. Most of people cannot self-talk because they still not realize what’s happened. Feel the universe first, and do self-talk. Once we clarify the reasons of the closed-mind, the self-talk have started.


Wander in the memorable universe

Our inner universe is intertwined with thousands of destinies and memories. Those touchable moments will be shown when we have a peaceful mind. They will help us reflect we shouldn’t feel bad and we can feel well-off because we still own more.

Creative confidence

Find confidence from the universe to broaden our mind

Search and discover the context from the beautiful memories. Then we will be inspired and encouraged by those contextual cues that can help us gain back our confidence from our life.

Sense of inner-heaven

Open mind to eliminate worries

Worries cannot automatically disappear. To have inner peace in our mind can clarify our mental status. Meeting the HOPE can help us to keep away from those constantly existed worries. You know, some movies talk about Hope such as Hunger Game, The Giver. Btw, who can bring the Hope?



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