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Private management

On-going project and ready to demo in CES 2015. We support planning team to organize resources for Private management. There are 3 topics we focus: private mode, kids mode and private communication service.


Callguard service for China

Callguard is a smart blocking service to help people identify unknown phones. Zenfone telephony service has cooperated with TouchPal to develop callguard and yellow page data service in China. The next step will base on this model…


Acer Camera UI Usability

3 camera apps (Acer) usage for 8 tasks. After the tasks, we asked the user to select their favorite. We focused on tablet camera experience in depth, and discussed which one that users would like to install this camera on their ta…


User Expectation of Battery

Objective: To know how much voltage of battery user needs Purpose/Benefit: To make a battery life a Non-issue for users Methodology  Select appropriate users Install monitoring tool on the device Collect user data Analyze user dat…

Communication Research

We did desk research of 8 IM apps to collect why there are so many people using app and what reason makes them want to keep using it. Then, it was my first time to do 3 focus group interviews to explain what they are using for? Wh…