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Healthcare Related Projects

Three healthcare projects are currently progressing step by step. We have created the mindset of strategic product roadmap from design assumptions to user research. We iterate design flow to test and verify the better user pattern…


Home Automation

Home Automation is an integrated challenge project that we are cooperating with more that four BUs and outside vendors of different devices. We have designed the whole interaction behaviors into home service and planned the step-b…


Private management

On-going project and ready to demo in CES 2015. We support planning team to organize resources for Private management. There are 3 topics we focus: private mode, kids mode and private communication service.


Pictionary app

Pictionary is a dictionary that every word will automatically be matched by an appropriate image. The idea is observed from word cards in a Kindergarten. We will release the android app first before CNY in 2015.


Callguard service for China

Callguard is a smart blocking service to help people identify unknown phones. Zenfone telephony service has cooperated with TouchPal to develop callguard and yellow page data service in China. The next step will base on this model…

Method for grouping and managing web pages

Method for grouping and managing web pages

A method for grouping and managing web pages, adapted to an electronic apparatus, is provided. In the method, a plurality of web pages are opened in a browser, and a plurality of tabs corresponding to the web pages are sequentiall…

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DailyLight – CalLab

DailyLight is an emergency light system that transforms functions of emergency exit indicator, flashlight, and rescue light into a light switch. DailyLight comes on automatically when a building experiences a power shortage. It is…


FUSE Re-design Pitch

FUSE is a video shopping application to connect digital services and consumer behavior. But FUSE lacked a good pitch to convince people how to be able to buy things and watch videos at the same time. I redesigned the cycle of vide…


Human Program

I love to help people find their center. Human Program is Toto’s trip that explored his mind, Science Sales, by human-centered travel style. We verified Friendly Social Process can make him creative confidence and inspire hi…


45mm Digital Post-it

45mm is a digital post-it app to note and explore historical context of places by people. Users can capture the moment and post into the real world by digital 45mm note. The objective of 45mm project is to leverage a geo-location …


Heartour in ECSEL

Heartour Project is in ECSEL Youth Program. We paid close attention to explore issues of “Gap Year in China". Heartour app is a mutual tool for gap-year people to connect opportunities of local tasks, events and people. We e…


Home Placement Research

By connecting innovative products to brand experiences, I provided a 4-period assumption into the experience cycle and designed the one-year research plan. It was a great exploring challenge. When 1st MP product ready, I planed to…

There were 5 members discussed the magician experience and planed this experimental video.

“The Talk of Magicians" Video

In 2013, IFA team (International Friendship Ambassador) designed the experimental video, “The Talk of Magicians“ with magicians for DVD trailer. We found out the magician’s experience and wrote the script by using user-centered de…


E-zel Projects (R7)

Three main projects in Ezel Project (R7), including Prototype Usability, User Mistriggering Test (Usability), and User Trial Research (by using Card Sorting and Scenario Interaction process) that collaborated with IDEO. We coopera…

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Snipping Tool Usability

Snipping tool is a image capturing tool in Windows 8 and a default application in Acer Aspire R7. We designed 6 tasks to reflect user experience and evaluated user benefits to filter key features. The design of UI and prototypes i…


Keyboard Experience

A series of keyboard test we did is to narrow down the impact factors from data collection and users’ feeling. We contributed the keyboard spec for over 13-inch notebooks (P1, S1, Click ratio). We also considered some influe…


Acer Camera UI Usability

3 camera apps (Acer) usage for 8 tasks. After the tasks, we asked the user to select their favorite. We focused on tablet camera experience in depth, and discussed which one that users would like to install this camera on their ta…


User Expectation of Battery

Objective: To know how much voltage of battery user needs Purpose/Benefit: To make a battery life a Non-issue for users Methodology  Select appropriate users Install monitoring tool on the device Collect user data Analyze user dat…

Tablet experience

Tablet experience project explored tablet behaviors at home, on the move, waiting for something and fragmentation. As the market matures, consumers begin to understand the specific ways a tablet can address their needs. IDEO desig…


AcerCloud User Scenario

We conducted 4 user discussions, and drag designers back to the general behaviors of Acer cloud services, including: photo, music, video, docs.. Then we structured the usage context, and mapped services to the context to see what …

Communication Research

We did desk research of 8 IM apps to collect why there are so many people using app and what reason makes them want to keep using it. Then, it was my first time to do 3 focus group interviews to explain what they are using for? Wh…


Getaways Travel Channel

Groupon Getaways offer hotel and resort rooms from 30% to 75% off. The UI concept of a big image and clear discount information is our strategy. It was a cross-sectoral coordination and communication with APEC travel team.


Deals Map Analysis Tool

Deals Map Analysis Tool is a back-end tool to help city team analyze deals data of cities by friendly user interface. Team members can filter by area or revenue to find out potential customers and opportunities from useful data.