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Home Placement Research

By connecting innovative products to brand experiences, I provided a 4-period assumption into the experience cycle and designed the one-year research plan. It was a great exploring challenge. When 1st MP product ready, I planed to…


Keyboard Experience

A series of keyboard test we did is to narrow down the impact factors from data collection and users’ feeling. We contributed the keyboard spec for over 13-inch notebooks (P1, S1, Click ratio). We also considered some influe…


User Expectation of Battery

Objective: To know how much voltage of battery user needs Purpose/Benefit: To make a battery life a Non-issue for users Methodology  Select appropriate users Install monitoring tool on the device Collect user data Analyze user dat…


Deals Map Analysis Tool

Deals Map Analysis Tool is a back-end tool to help city team analyze deals data of cities by friendly user interface. Team members can filter by area or revenue to find out potential customers and opportunities from useful data.