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Healthcare Related Projects

Three healthcare projects are currently progressing step by step. We have created the mindset of strategic product roadmap from design assumptions to user research. We iterate design flow to test and verify the better user pattern…


E-zel Projects (R7)

Three main projects in Ezel Project (R7), including Prototype Usability, User Mistriggering Test (Usability), and User Trial Research (by using Card Sorting and Scenario Interaction process) that collaborated with IDEO. We coopera…

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Snipping Tool Usability

Snipping tool is a image capturing tool in Windows 8 and a default application in Acer Aspire R7. We designed 6 tasks to reflect user experience and evaluated user benefits to filter key features. The design of UI and prototypes i…


Keyboard Experience

A series of keyboard test we did is to narrow down the impact factors from data collection and users’ feeling. We contributed the keyboard spec for over 13-inch notebooks (P1, S1, Click ratio). We also considered some influe…


Acer Camera UI Usability

3 camera apps (Acer) usage for 8 tasks. After the tasks, we asked the user to select their favorite. We focused on tablet camera experience in depth, and discussed which one that users would like to install this camera on their ta…


User Expectation of Battery

Objective: To know how much voltage of battery user needs Purpose/Benefit: To make a battery life a Non-issue for users Methodology  Select appropriate users Install monitoring tool on the device Collect user data Analyze user dat…